Green-Up Weed and Feed

  1. Avoid mowing 1 to 2 days before and after application.
  2. Apply to moist grass.
  3. Avoid unnecessary disturbances including watering of the treated areas for 48 hours after application. Water will wash off weed killing material.
  4. Avoid applying if rainfall is expected within 48 hours following treatment.
  5. It is recommended that during hot, dry conditions, application rates should be reduced by 50% to avoid possible dehydration or browning of grass.
  6. May reapply in 30 days if lawn is heavily over run with weeds or if adverse low moisture conditions prevail and the weeds are in a state of poor growth.  
Green Up Weed and Feed starts to work in 7-10 days provided it was applied correctly. However, the full potency of the product, or completely dead broadleaf weeds will occur over the course of 30 days.

With cooler weather the results might be a bit delayed. However, the potency of the product is directly related to how it is applied. Make sure to follow the application directions written on the product label.

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