How do I Get Rid of Moss?

Moss can be eradicated by mechanical means such as hard raking or scraping.  You can also rent equipment to help in this backbreaking job if you are trying to fix a large area. You can also use Lawn Moss Control.  This will kill the moss usually within 7-10 days, turning the moss black.  Iron products can stain walkways and other areas, be careful when applying and blow off sidewalks after applications.  Do not apply grass seed until after the moss has died for 2-3 weeks.  If the conditions are right for seeding, you may scrape the moss away; apply Mag-I-Cal (to help correct pH problems), Love Your Soil, (to help correct drainage issues), Green-Up Lawn Food for Seeding and Sodding and Dense Shade grass seed. This can all be applied on the same day. 

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