Spreader Setting for Scott's Drop Spreader When Applying Mag-I-Cal or Winter Survival

Scott's drop spreaders have been a problem at times with our products because of having to open the settings suggested more to deliver the products in SOME of the spreaders. It seems to vary even within the same model. For any spreader to be completely accurate, it should be calibrated to each product individually. 
"To calibrate a drop-type spreader, follow these steps:

Make a V-shaped or box-shaped trough out of heavy cardboard or a piece of aluminum gutter.

Attach the trough with baling wire beneath the output area of your spreader to catch the fertilizer as it comes out.

Set the spreader at the manufacturer’s suggested number, put fertilizer into the spreader, and push the spreader over a 100-square-foot area.

To cover exactly 100 square feet, if your spreader is

1.5 feet wide, go forward 66.6 feet.

2 feet wide, go forward 50 feet.

3 feet wide, go forward 33.3 feet.

Pour the material that fell into the trough or gutter, weigh it, and multiply the weight by 10.

This gives you the amount of fertilizer that you would apply for 1,000 square feet.

Most fertilizer recommendations are given on a 1,000-square foot basis. If you applied the incorrect amount, too much or too little, adjust the setting number appropriately and try again. When you get the correct amount of fertilizer pouring through the spreader, record the setting number so that you don’t forget it next time." Lance Walheim, The National Gardening Association

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