Snow Mold

​Snow mold occurs if a spore population is established. It may occur in the spring even if there has been little or no snow. It will manifest in early spring and if not treated with nitrogen, will kill the grass. It is caused by lack of air movement in the soil due to frozen ground and compaction.

You can help grow it out by: Raking the affected area lightly and fertilizing in the spring as early as you are legally allowed to with Green-Up (as long as the ground is not frozen). Then in 4-6 weeks follow that with Green-Up Lawn Food plus Crabgrass Preventer. At the end of the year for your last cutting of grass, take it down to 2 inches. Also, do not apply fertilizer with significant nitrogen content after October 1st.

• Low Nitrogen if fertilizing in the fall
• An additional application of Love Your Soil if snow mold has been a problem in the past.
• Cut lawn 1 1/2” to 2” when mowing for the last time for the year.


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