Are Your Products Safe for Kids and Pets?

Jonathan Green’s organic products are safe for children and pets immediately after application. These products contain feed-grade ingredients, commonly used in animal and pet foods.
Traditional Fertilizers:
After applying these products, water your lawn to move the fertilizer to the roots. Once the grass has dried, people and pets are safe to re-enter the lawn area.
Lawn Weed Control and Green Up Weed & Feed:
Lawn Weed Control and Green-Up Weed & Feed are used to control and suppress broadleaf weeds. In order to work properly, they should not be watered in. Therefore, it is safe to re-enter the lawn area 48 hours after application. In this time the product has moved from the plants leaf to the roots, making it safe for children, dogs, cats etc.

Follow all label directions for products that contain pesticide controls for re-entry instructions. All control products have been screened by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are properly labeled for use on lawns or gardens. Please read and follow all label directions.

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