How Often Do I Mow My Lawn and What About Clippings?

Your lawn needs to be mowed regularly during the growing season. This mowing helps to encourage healthy growth giving your lawn that spring green look.

After you have raked your lawn and cleared winter debris, the first mowing of the season can be lower than usual to stimulate early shoot growth. During the growing season do not mow more than the top third of the grass blades at one time. Cutting off too much of the grass blades can stress the lawn and be emphasized if the lawn is under stress from heat, drought, insects or fungus. Avoid mowing wet grass, it is hard on your lawn mower and dangerous if you should slip and fall while mowing. The last mowing of the season usually occurs in November. This last mowing can also be shorter than usual so that extra leaf volume will not spur snow mold disease.

Clippings contain mostly moisture and nutrients. By recycling your clippings you can reduce watering and fertilizer needs. If you mow regularly you do not have to remove clippings. Investing in a mulching mower would be a good idea. As long as excessive amounts of clipping are not left clumped on the lawn, they are okay to leave. Rake large clumps of clippings to avoid smothering the grass to the point of killing it.

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