What is a Spreader Setting?

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A spreader setting is the rate in which you apply product to your lawn. Each Jonathan Green product has recommended rates of application, and coverage based on bag size. The application rate is defined as the amount of material applied per unit area of land. For grass seed and fertilizer, it is usually expressed in pounds. Therefore, Application Rate = Amount Applied (lbs.)/Area covered (sq.ft.). It is possible to change this application rate by changing the size of the opening in the bottom of your spreader’s hopper. In general, the smaller you set your spreader’s setting the smaller the hole, and therefore the slower the material releases from the hopper.

There are many different brands of spreaders on the market, and, new or old, it is highly recommended to properly calibrate your spreader before first use in the spring. Spreader settings are approximate, and spreader condition, ground speed pattern and humidity can all vary the rate of application.

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