Proper Spreader Usage

There are two types of spreaders to use on lawns - drop spreaders and rotary spreaders. Drop Spreaders are more accurate than rotary spreaders and distribute product only the width of its hopper. Drop spreaders are usually used on small lawns. Users must be careful that they overlap the wheel impressions otherwise visible "light Green" stripes where the wheels were will be the result. Rotary spreaders are most commonly used by applicators due to their faster, "wide swath" delivery method and more practical use on larger lawns. 
Regardless which spreader type you choose, follow these simple tips to insure the best results: 
Follow the proper spreader settings. "overturning" the calibrating knob by just 1/4 point can cut your coverage by 1,000 sq. ft.  
Each time you're ready to stop or make a turn, close the flow lever to stop the product from releasing excess material on your lawn that can damage the turf. 
Avoid pulling the spreader backward when the flow lever is open. Backward movement causes material to be applied at double the recommended rate. 
Keep the hopper 2/3 full across slopes and rough terrain to weigh down the wheels so they don’t lift or skip. Do these areas first when applying product. 

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