Crabgrass Control Failure

There are 3 reasons why crabgrass control runs out before crabgrass is done germinating. 1 - Applying too early or at too light a rate. 2 - Excessive spring rains which dilute the active ingredient and weaken the physical barrier created by the crabgrass preventer. 3 - Intense heat causes the ground to dry out and crack, breaking the physical barrier. This heat is intensified along driveways and walk ways as heat is radiated off the surface onto the lawn.  

We recommend leaving the crabgrass alone. It is an annual and will die out in the first frost. We recommend overseeding those areas that have the crabgrass (seed right into and around the crabgrass). We also recommend Love Your Soil. Compacted soil is more prone to heat cracking and crabgrass loves compacted areas. It is easy for crabgrass to grow here because it is shallow rooted. Love Your Soil will loosen up the compacted areas, allowing better rooting of the good grass seed. 

Let your grass grow a little taller: Crabgrass loves full sunlight. When you cut your lawn very short, the blades of desirable grass can’t shade the rest of the lawn.

Water less frequently but more deeply: A deep watering every few days is actually better for your grass and discourages crabgrass. Allowing your lawn to dry out between watering actually encourages grass to put down deeper roots. Light watering encourages shallow surface roots that can dry out easily.

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